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The secret of dry brushing for perfectly smooth skin

We are brushing our hair and teeth on daily basis, but what about our skin? And why would we brush it? Dry skin brushing is a popular spa technique which will effectively get your body looking svelte and smooth. And with summer being right around the corner and our skin looking pretty dull after a winter it’s about time to start with it.

Why to dry brush and how does it work?

What will you notice first after dry brushing is a smoother skin. With exfoliation you will remove dead, dry skin, improving its appearance and allowing it to hydrate more efficiently when putting on body lotion. With regular dry brushing you will also stimulate the body’s circulation and lymphatic systems. Besides that, it also leaves your skin softer, pores clearer, and your whole body with more energy.

Main benefits of Dry brushing

Dry Brushing has many potential benefits from smoother skin to helping with lymphatic drainage:



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Cool and personalized sleeping environment

If you tend to overheat at night no matter the outside temperature, Dormeo 2in1 cooling pillow is exactly what you need. It is filled with a special material which adjusts to your unique body temperature, moves heat away from your body and ensures optimal sleeping surface. It comes with two different sides so you can chose between gentle support of memory foam and fluffiness of a traditional down pillow.

Memory foam and down-like fiber for tailored comfort

No matter which side of Dormeo 2in1 cooling pillow you choose, you will experience the cooling comfort you are seeking. Down like fiber at one side ensures full breathability and extreme softness. Memory foam enriched with cooling gel on the other side molds perfectly to the shape of your head and neck area, providing both comfort and support.

Adjustable and washable for most comfortable use

Dormeo 2in1 cooling pillow features an inner zipper, which lets you increase or reduce the amount of filling and adapt the pillow height to your individual needs and sleeping position. The memory foam layer can be removed so you can wash the pillow on 40°C and keep it clean and fresh for long and hygienic use.



Make a healthy version of all your favorite meals

Fried food made healthy? Now it’s possible! Delimano Air fryer brings delicious fried food with healthier touch to your table. Using hot air instead of hot oil, with this advanced fryer you can prepare all your favorite food while sticking to your diet. Now you can eat your favorite fried foods with fewer calories and fats compared to traditional frying in oil.

Your new favorite kitchen appliance

Delimano Air Fryer works on circulating hot air that fries your food without dipping it into oil or other fats. The results are faster, healthier and crispier than ever with perfect taste and without soaking food in oil. Exclusive cooking element combines heat with powerful convection system, which circulates hot air around food – makes it done in minutes and perfectly crisped.

Suitable for big family meals

The 2,5L air frying basket can make up to 700 g fries and 500 g steaks or chicken breasts in a single run – ideal for preparation of big family meals. Combined with an adjustable temperature of 80-200°C which can be easily controlled by the temperature knob, it is great for making a tasty family sized meals. The integrated timer can be set for up to 30 minutes to prevent burning food while allowing perfect precision in cooking.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Delimano Air Fryer is the only fryer you will ever want to have in your kitchen. Cooking is fast and healthy and cleaning is quick and easy. The inner frying basket is coated with a non-stick coating, so no food sticks to its surface and all detachable parts are dishwasher safe.



Great design hand in hand with great comfort

The new fashionable design of Walkmaxx Comfort style shoes provides a sporty and elegant look for a modern woman. With a diamond pattern on the upper, these shoes create youthful and fashionable appeal. Memory foam insole ensures soft step and upgraded feeling of comfort, while the wide laces ensure easy tight on. Carefully selected materials and discrete, yet trendy colors will make you stand out and increase your confidence with every step you take.

Stay on your feet lighter and longer

Casual grey for the day in the office, calming blue for an afternoon coffee with your girlfriends or traditional black for a Sunday visit to the Zoo, Walkmaxx Comfort style shoes are suitable for every occasion. Easily put them on and go strolling through the streets, enjoying every step you make. The chic design and stylish look will make you stand out from the crowd while the memory foam and rounded Walkmaxx sole will ensure maximum comfortable step so you can stay on your feet longer.

Rounded sole for maximum comfort throughout the day

The concept and design of Walkmaxx rounded sole were developed in Germany with your health and body posture in mind. The rounded sole can help increase muscle activation making you feel better. It evenly distributes body weight thus ensures better shock absorption and helps improve the posture by relieving the pressure from the joints. The reduced pressure points of your feet give the feeling of walking barefoot and can help you to avoid some foot issues, such as swelling, and related pain.  


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5 amazing places in the Atacama Desert you didn’t know existed

The Atacama Desert is probably the most famous desert in the world and it is also the driest place in the world. It is covering the area of Northern Chile and Southern Peru and is sought by travelers as a trip of a lifetime. Though most people only visit the center of Atacama Desert in San Pedro, there is much more to it than this little town. Look at the 5 amazing places in Atacama Desert you had no idea that existed.

#5 Abandoned city Humberstone

Atacama Desert holds many first places, besides being the driest place in the world, it also contains the biggest deposits of nitrate, an efficient fertilizer. Next to nitrate mines were founded numerous cities, but were all abandoned with the invention of chemical nitrate. One of such cities is also Humberstone, now turned into an open-air museum. You can walk freely on its streets and visit houses, market, theater as well as the mines. If you are a lover of abandoned places, Humberstone is a must see on your trip to Chile. Read the whole article

Most famous places in Slovenia and where to go instead

In the past years, Slovenia made it to the top of the buckets lists of many travelers and internet is bursting with advice on where to go and what to do. In most of them, you will find destinations like Lake Bled, Ljubljana, Piran and Postojna caves, which will be full of tourist and are hugely overpriced. But for the tiny country, Slovenia is, it has a surprisingly enormous number of breath-taking places you can go instead. Having a chance to live in Slovenia for 7 years and explore the country from north to south and east to west, I can present you the best alternatives to the most famous places in Slovenia. Read the whole article

7 cities you must visit when traveling in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the countries located in the heart of South America. It belongs to one of the most diverse and perplex nations, spreading from the Atacama Desert through the high Andes down to the Amazon basin. Its natural diversity gave a space also for various cultures to develop, thus Bolivia is rich not only on thousand species of animals and plants but also on people and culture, who are by nature more withdrawn and shy, but can be also warm and hearty once you get to know them and become great friends for life. Read the whole article


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Tajemství sametově hebké pokožky – suché kartáčování

Každý den si kartáčujeme vlasy, a co naše pokožka a proč bychom ji vůbec měli kartáčovat? Suché kartáčování kůže je populární kosmetická procedura, která zaručeně vykouzlí sametově hebkou pokožku. Ať už v zimě nebo v létě, naše pokožka si zaslouží speciální péči a suché kartáčování je přírodní metodou, na kterou určitě nebudete mít alergickou reakci.

Proč kartáčovat a jak to vlastně funguje?

Čeho si všimnete již po prvním kartáčování je mnohem hladší pokožka. Pevnými štětinkami odstraníte odumřelou kůži, zlepšíte vzhled pokožky a umožníte lepší vstřebávání tělového mléka. Ale to není vše, s pravidelným kartáčováním také podpoříte cirkulaci krve a lymfatický systém. Vaše pokožka bude hladší, póry budou čisté a vy budete plni energie. Čtěte celý článek zde


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Kde je Posvátné údolí v Peru

Valle Sagrade, neboli Posvátné údolí leží asi 15 km od města Cusco, nejnavštěvovanějšího města v Peru. Do Cusca přijíždí denně tisíce turistů s jediným cílem – vidět jeden ze 7 divů světa, slavné kamenné město Machu Pichu. Jen někteří se rozhodnout navštívit i další Incké památky Posvátného údolí, což je velká škoda, jsou totiž nádherné.

Exkurze do Posvátného údolí nabízí v Cuscu četné turistické agentury. Do jednoho či dvou dnů se snaží vměstnat vše, co je v Posvátném údolí hodno zhlédnutí a je to tedy skvělá volba, pokud vás tlačí čas. Pokud si ovšem můžete dovolit zůstat v Posvátném údolí trochu déle, velmi vám doporučuji vydat se po stopách Inků na vlastní pěst. Věřte mi, bude to stát za to. Čtěte celý článek zde


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Arequipa, kde se historie potkává s kulturou jídla

Arequipa je druhé největší město v Peru a podle mě první nejkrásnější. V obklopení tří charakteristických sopek a s historickým centrem zapsaném na seznamu kulturního dědictví UNESCO je Arequipa město, kam mnoho cestovatelů přijde za účelem návštěvy Colca kaňonu a pozorování kondorů. Město je ovšem zajímavé a hodné návštěvy i jako takové, tam, kde se historie snoubí s přírodními krásami a neuvěřitelně rozmanitou kulturou jídla, se rozhodně nudit nemůžete.

Překrásná architektura bílého města

Arequipa, které lidé rádi říkají také La cuidad Blanca neboli bílé město, je skvělou destinací pro všechny milovníky architektury. Španělští dobyvatelé přispěli do města v roce 1540 a vybudovali nádherné budovy, které se i přes několik zemětřesení, které město v posledních pěti stoletích opakovaně zničily, do dnes zachovaly...


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